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First Sunday of spectacular carnival

The Diana, the chocolate, the Children’s Carnival, Peñas food and the Masked Volleyball main activities of Carnival Sunday The Peña el Jamón, has traveled the streets of the town with Diana Carnavalera, as it has been doing for many years. In the Plaza de España, the Peña Maltrataos has distributed an excellent chocolate accompanied by […]

Antonio and Mª Paz proclaimed Major Masks 2019

New Major Masks for the Carnival of Miguelturra, the first with declaration of National Tourist Interest As of today, Antonio and Mª Paz, are also from the Peña de Mascaras Mayores, a large family of illustrious carnival. At 18:30 h., Began the concentration of the delegation in the Plaza de España, to accompany and tour […]

It’s already Carnival, National!

Nacho Guerreros, first town crier with declaration of National Tourist Interest. The actor Nacho Guerreros, better known as ‘Coque’ in the television series ‘La que se avecina’ has given the starting signal to the Carnival of Miguelturra 2019, which for the first time are of National Tourist Interest. The Peña Los Segadores with its charanga, […]

Dinner Presentation Masks Major 2019

Mª Paz and Antonio appear before the Carnival community of Miguelturra With the presence of the preacher of honor of the Carnival of Miguelturra, Guillermo Summers, the traditional dinner for the presentation of the Major Carnival Masks was celebrated. Victoria Sobrino, mayor of the town, Diego Rodríguez, celebrations councilor, Serafin Delgado, King of Carnival, Raúl […]

Bases XXI Photography Contest

Collaborate: RAW Photographic Collective All people who wish may participate, regardless of age or place of residence. Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 photographs in color or black and white size 20×30 or 30×45 cm. The photographs must only collect activities carried out in Miguelturra during the Carnival period 2019. It will be […]

Bases XL National Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

The Churriego Carnival comes to an end and it is best to celebrate with the traditional Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas REGULATORY BASES FOR THE CONCESSION OF THE MIGUELTURRA 2019 CARNIVAL AWARDS. The City Council of Miguelturra, through the Concejalía de Festejos, opens the Call, under competitive conditions, for the awarding of the contest […]