Peña el Puntillo Cultural Association

The Peña el Puntillo Cultural Association is not only a participant in the carnivals, it also participates in all the workshops dedicated to children, youth and adults from other locations. It organizes excursions of all kinds and for all the public, making it possible to enjoy a pleasant day and at a price available to everyone. Among many other activities that take place throughout the year, we can highlight the Barra de Bar in the San Isidro Pilgrimage, the Halloween Horror Passage, the Enchanted Nights, the Youth Cultural Encounter…

“Enchanted nights of … Knowing you”, is the workshop in which year after year, the association is more involved. Organized by the Local Youth Council and the Youth Center of Miguelturra, every Thursday in July, it gathers several associations in the Municipal Pool, holding various workshops focused on young people between 12 and 26 years old. The “Passage of Terror” is another of the workshops in which they actively participate. It is celebrated on the Halloween night of every October 31, also organized by the Local Council of Youth and the Youth Center of Miguelturra. As a general rule, the members of the association disguise themselves following the theme that each year has this scary workshop, preparing to give their best scares to those who dare to participate. One of the main virtues of this association, is the union that maintains its components, due mainly to the high participation of the same, in the numerous activities they carry out.

The Carnival of Miguelturra is the strong point of the association, in its preparation, it is dedicated more than half a year, you have to have everything ready and well prepared to enjoy year after year of their parties and of course, the Parade of Comparsas and Floats of Piñata Sunday.

During its first four years and consecutively, El Puntillo, it has obtained the triumph in the modality of man in the Costumes Museum of Miguelturra contest, presented by Emilio Rodríguez and with the theme “Puntilliqui Tribe”, “Imbrasia”, “Enter the World of the Eagles” and “Jaguar Warriors”. They have also received several awards in the Parades of Comparsas and Carrozas from other locations, such as Torralba de Calatrava, Malagón, Ciudad Real, Villarubia de los Ojos, El Robledo…

Within the activities of the Carnival of Miguelturra, they organize several contests, which year after year, attract a large number of public and participants, filling the CERE Carnival Palace. One of the first contests that the association did was “Tu Careta Me Suena”, which has been taking place since 2013. In this contest the participants disguise themselves to imitate their favorite singers and the jury awards the best performance. The “Concurso de Charangas” was organized by the association for the first time in 2016, obtaining a resounding success, with the participation of all the Charangas de Miguelturra.

This short summary describes this association a little, which wishes the best of the Carnival of Miguelturra, its entire population and, of course, everyone who visits us.

Foundation: 2012
Components: 68


  • President:
    Andrés Camacho
  • Vice president:
    Emilio Rodríguez
  • Secretary:
    Violeta Arenas
  • Treasurer:
    Mónica Plaza
  • Vowels: