The Peña La Cabra, founded on March 3, 1981, Tuesday of Carnival, is currently one of the oldest clubs of the Churriego Carnival. A group of friends in disguise, decide to create the peña and be able to participate in all the events of the churriego carnival as a group. The name of the rock, is due to the goat that the group wore on that Tuesday carnival.

There is the circumstance that Serafin is the only president that Peña has had to date, being also the current King of Carnival, which, among many other things, delights Peña with a good stew of fried potatoes, beans or with some other one mojete.

Among the activities that the Peña La Cabra performs, are mainly the collaboration, participation and organization of different acts that are held before, during and after the Carnival of Miguelturra, among them we can highlight:

Costumes museum of Carnival, for it designs and makes both the suits of man and woman.

On Mondays of Carnival he celebrates his MONOGRAPHIC DAY, which consists of being all day cheering with a charanga to all who decide to visit the main carnival streets of the locality, at noon, a great meal is elaborated in which the famous BEANS OF SERAFIN, accompanied with a delicious limoná, the activity of the monographic day can be extended well into the early hours of Tuesday.

BURIAL OF THE SARDINE, this activity has been developed by Peña La Cabra since 1982, being a pioneer and the only one that has organized it since its inception, consists of the elaboration of a giant sardine that is carried by four people Through the streets of the town, accompanied by the duel and a fantastic charanga, it is later incinerated.All the attendees who wish can taste fabulous grilled sardines.

PIÑATA PARADE, the second Sunday of Carnival, the Comparsas y Carrozas contest is held, this Peña has been participating every year since its creation.

CULTURAL TRIPS to different Spanish cities.

COLLABORATION with several of the Councils of our City Council, such as Culture and Sports, for the celebration of different activities.

PARTICIPATION in the Patron Saint Festivities of our Town.

From the Peña La Cabra, its components, wish you a great and happy Carnival.

Foundation: 1981
Components: 50


  • President:
    Serafín Delgado Martín
  • Vice president:
    Jesús Rodrigo Arenas
  • Secretary:
    José Hornero Gamito
  • Treasurer:
    Estrella Delgado Delgado
  • Vowels:
    Israel Muñoz Rivas
    María José Sánchez Rodrigo