Not many years ago, back in 2006, from the hand of a group of friends was born what is now known as Peña Los Cansaliebres.

Dedicated especially to the preparation of the most important event of our town such as the Carnival, the Cansaliebres have always been contributing their grain of sand to participate in the different functions and activities that are carried out during the period that lasts this holiday, either day as at night.

The beginnings of this Peña were somewhat discrete, since they only participated in the Pinata Sunday parade, but over the years, this association has made its presence within the Carnival of Miguelturra well known and palpable. Today, is present in all the events that take place during the week of the Carnival, highlighting their participation in the contest of murgas and chirigotas since 2010. Apart from the monographic day, they organize a Carnival Costumes contest very peculiar, its confection must be made with recyclable materials. Together with their sister rock Los Rocheros, they organize the parade of Street Masks. Since 2015, they have been organizing the famous “Puñao”, offering an aperitif at its headquarters, to the whole procession and participants, who accompany the couple to the Carnival Palace, which will be officially proclaimed as Major Masks of the Carnival of Miguelturra.

Leaving aside the Carnivals, throughout the year, they are present in the organization of activities and events in our town. Every year they prepare their own Feria de Abril, in which they spend a pleasant holiday and end with the contest of sevillanas, yes, for those who dare to participate, that one thing is the Manchegas and another Sevillanas.

For the Miguelturra festivities, what can not be missed, is its already known giant tortilla, it is held in Doctor Fleming Park, where all those present enjoy a ration at the end of their laborious preparation. And to bid farewell to the year, it is customary to organize the New Year’s Eve party at a bar in the town, a good way to receive the year with friends and acquaintances.

Before the beginning of the Carnival and since 2016, they prepare engines with the organization of a precarnavalero event, with the performance of a comparsa at the Palacio del Carnaval. In 2017, the Comparsa de Martinez Ares (Winner of the COAC 2016), delighted us with its FINISH OF TOUR THE COWARDS AND ITS ANTHOLOGY TO THE CALDERO, registering a total sold in the Palace of the Carnival to witness this performance.

In the sport section, they have a futsal team since 2016, participating in different leagues and marathons of localities in the province, highlighting their presence on several occasions in the marathon of the city of Cáceres.

Finally, they comment that they are a group of people who like “cachondeo y la fiesta” and as their slogan says LONG LIVE THE DISASTER!

Foundation: 2006
Components: 40


  • President:
    Alberto Soria Martín de Lucía
  • Vice president:
    Francisco González Juárez
  • Secretary:
    Cristian Cofrade Sánchez
  • Treasurer:
    Sergio Díaz Loarces