The Peña los Segadores was founded in 1981, its first intention being to participate in the Domingo de Piñata parade, but since its foundation, they have been participating in the organization of different events of the Churriego Carnival.

Until then, they had been participating every day as street masks, performing parodies such as the farewells of the fifths when they went to the military, weddings, baptisms, communions, street markets…

The Peña is baptized as “Los Segadores” in homage to the older people who worked in the cereal harvesting and it will be this way as it will be paraded in the third edition of the Contest of Comparsas y Carrozas of the Piñata Sunday of 1982.

At first, the peña is made up of 50 people, which grows to 100. The first governing council is made up of Octavio Martín, José Cañizares, Anibal Caraballo, Wilberto Barahona and Manuel Hervás.

Since then, he has been organizing the opening speech of the Churriego Carnival, participating in the various events that take place within the ten days of the Carnival, as well as the monographic day that each of the clubs organize throughout these days.

Foundation: 1981
Components: 40


  • President:
    Ramón Ruíz Rodrigo
  • Vice president:
    Santos Cruz Corral
  • Secretary:
    Eloy Rivas Gallego
  • Treasurer:
    Anibal Caraballo León
  • Vowels:
    Joaquín Arroyo
    Ramón Mora Aranda