The Spirit of the Churriego Carnival

The Spirit of the Miguelturra Carnival is kept alive in Balconies and Terraces

The streets of Miguelturra and especially Carnaval street, dress up for Carnival. The residents of the town keep the spirit of the Churriego carnival alive by dressing their balconies and terraces with costumes, not losing hope of returning next year with new illusions.

This Monday morning, we should have enjoyed the usual fruit-in-a-pan contest organized by the Peña Los Rocheros and in the afternoon, the street mask should have filled Carnival street with color and riot to the cry “of don’t you know me? “

The friend Octavio, has not wanted to forget the situation we are living either and he wanted to do it with a coplilla as usual, he has titled it ‘The Virus of the Century’.

This virus that we have
It’s not just any virus
the carnival has been loaded
and street masks.

You have to stay home
that is the pure truth
better stay home
to go to the hospital.

This year gentlemen
we can’t enjoy
to eat the donuts
and drink the lemon.

No need to be sad
and what they tell us to respect
and for next year
there will be better Carnival.

Let’s see if it ends soon
this cursed virus
the bars will open soon
without committing a crime.

Let’s all be prudent
‘according to Minister Illa’
to go outside
put on the mask.

You have to behave very well
for the account that has us
and be able to proudly celebrate the
Carnival next year.

Men, women and children
and everyone in general
you have to wear a mask
Carnival days.

You have to visit the bars
that is essential
they have closed many days
and they are having a bad time.

And I say goodbye to you
with tears in sight
and I give you a big hug
to all pensioners.