Announcer Poster Bases 2024

The submission period for the 2024 Carnival Announcer Poster contest is open.

The City Hall Celebration Area and the Association of Peñas del Carnaval de Miguelturra, announce the contest for the election of the poster announcing the 2024 carnival, declared of National Tourist Interest, whose registration period and sending of originals is open until November 30, 2023, and which is governed by the following RULES:

1. THEME: Free, admitting only original works and not previously awarded. Posters may be made by any procedure, photographic composition, digital system, painting, among others.

2. DIMENSIONS: The posters presented will allow printing in 45 by 65 centimeters, with the following inscription appearing on them: MIGUELTURRA (Ciudad Real) Carnaval 2024. FIESTAS DE INTERÉS TURÍSTICO NACIONAL. The name of the locality must have a prominent space, being with respect to that of the province in a proportionality never less than 1 to 5. The winner of the contest must submit, after the event, an adaptation of the winning work in horizontal format of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

3. PRESENTATION: Unsigned posters will be presented online through, attaching a PDF image less than 5 MB. Posters will be admitted from the publication of these rules until 11:59 p.m. on November 30, 2023.

4. SUBMISSION: The Jury will make a pre-selection of the posters that will be sent mounted on foam board (in minimum A3 format). Selected posters will be sent to the Municipal Library (Casa de la Capellanía), calle Carretas, 22, Miguelturra (Ciudad Real) with a motto on the back of them. The expressed motto will be in a sealed envelope and inside it will be the name and surname of the author, address, telephone number, location, email and sworn declaration of authorship and ownership of the work until December 21, 2023. A CD will be attached with the file in digital format. The referral will be under the responsibility and risk of the contestants.

5. PRIZE: A single prize of 1,000 euros and a gift, a souvenir of the contest, is established. The prize is subject to the corresponding withholding for personal income tax. The non-presence of the winning person at the awards ceremony during the proclamation implies the renunciation of the gift.

6. JURY: It will be designated by the organization. His decision will be unappealable.

7. EXHIBITION: The organization will exhibit the works presented at the Casa de la Capellanía, in the month of January 2024. These works can also be seen on the website Non-awarded works may be withdrawn from February 1, 2024, all during office hours and until March 15. After this date, the works not withdrawn will remain in the possession of the Organization.

8. PROPERTY: The award-winning creation will remain the full and exclusive property of the Organization, which reserves the right to reproduce and broadcast it through the channels it deems most appropriate.

For more information, you can contact the Culture area of the Miguelturra City Council, telephone +34 926 24 10 90 or the Casa Capellanía Municipal Library, telephone +34 926 27 20 49.