Bases XXXV Contest of “Murgas and Chirigotas”

Friday February 16, after the Costumes contest “Carnival Museum”. The act will be presented by the Municipal Radio Station

  1. They will be able to take part all the groups that wish it as long as they have a minimum of 10 components.
  2. The performance of each group may not exceed minutes.
  3. The jury will take into account punctuality and non-interference in the proper conduct of the contest.
  4. Participants will register the week prior to the celebration of the contest, sending 3 copies of the letter to interpret the House of Culture, Perlerines Street, 26 Miguelturra.
  5. Awards:
    1st Prize 600 euros
    2nd Prize 500 euros
    3rd Prize 400 euros
    4th Prize 250 euros
    5th Prize 150 euros
    All prizes are sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
  6. During the contest, a competent jury, will fail the prize.