Bases XL National Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

The Churriego Carnival comes to an end and it is best to celebrate with the traditional Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas


The City Council of Miguelturra, through the Concejalía de Festejos, opens the Call, under competitive conditions, for the awarding of the contest of the Piñata Sunday contest of Miguelturra Carnival 2019, a National Tourist Interest Festival, with the object to promote the carnival activity and to promote and support initiatives that increase the cultural life of the population. The announcement for the Awards for the year 2019 is published, which will be governed by the rules detailed below.



The objective of this call is to award various prizes for the Pintata Sunday contest of the Miguelturra Carnival, a Festival of National Tourist Interest, for the promotion and growth of the carnival activity of the population.


Three types of participation are established, to which the groups must previously sign up:

CARROZAS CONTEST: In this category are included the Peñas or Associations that in the parade do so with one or more floats.

COMPARSAS CONTEST: This category includes the Peñas or Associations that parade with a music band, musical group and / or charanga, and that do not carry floats and music from public address systems.

MURGAS CONTEST: This category includes the Peñas or Associations that parade without live music or with music from public address systems and that are not included in the previous categories.


The following prizes and categories are established.

SPECIAL PRICE FROM THE CITY COUNCIL to the best assembly of the parade, float and comparsa. SPECIAL OF 2,500 Euros and HONORED ALHIGUÍ


1st Prize: 1,800 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

2nd Prize: 1,300 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

3rd Prize: 1,000 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

4º Premio: 500 Euros. Patrocinado por Cerveza Calatrava


1st Prize: 900 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

2nd Prize: 700 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

3rd Prize: 500 Euros. Sponsored by ITV Miguelturra – Hmnos. Fernández Mohino

4th Prize: 400 Euros. Sponsored by Julián Tejidos and Casa Pepe Restaurant

4th Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council


1st Prize: 400 Euros. Sponsored by Globalcaja

2nd Prize: 350 Euros. Sponsored by Cepsa – Carrefour “La Estrella”

3rd Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by Sacred Distributions

3rd Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by Aquilice and Mucho +

3rd Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

All the participating groups will be presented with Ham, Cheese, Wine Case “Señorío de los Llanos” donated by Distribuidora Hervás and pottery of Carnival 2019 of Miguelturra, provided that they meet the established requirements.

The organization will not pay any amount for travel or transportation subsidy to the participants.


1º.- All Peñas, Associations or homogeneous groups of more than 20 people from all over the national territory may participate. The number of registrations will be limited to 35 by strict order of application, except the peñas and groups awarded in the 2018 call, which are automatically registered but must show their concurrence. The non-ratification of the same will give place to the rocks that remain in reserve.

2º.- The inscriptions, which will be free, will be made in the Culture House of the Town Hall of Miguelturra, Tel .: +34 926241090, communicating the following information: name of the Association, number of components, name of the representative or spokesperson, DNI, address, phone and dimensions of the float (if they carry it), and category for which they compete.

3º.- Each group must carry in front and in a prominent place a sign that shows the town where it comes from and its name.

4º.- The presence of animals in the parade, must be approved in advance by the Department of Celebrations, due to the possible risk of causing unforeseen accidents..

5º.- The rally will take place in the vicinity of Parquesol, starting at 4:00 p.m., with the parade taking the following route: Pozuelo Street, Carretas, Ancha, Carnaval, Plaza de España and Don José Mora, ending in the vicinity of Avda. 1º de Mayo.

6º.- The Peñas or Associations must follow the instructions indicated by the Organization, Local Police and Civil Protection throughout the tour.

7º.- Failure to comply with the instructions may be object, in the opinion of the Jury, of its possible disqualification.

8º.- The Jury will be made up of a number of persons of recognized solvency and its decisions will be unappealable. The float, the music, the choreography, the number of components and the costumes, as well as the originality, staging and good aesthetic taste will be valued in a special way and within each category.

9º.- Each Peña, Association or participating Group, will only be eligible for a prize of its category.

10º.- The Jury can not leave any of the prizes deserted.

11º.- The Awards will be handed out at the end of the parade at the Palacio de Carnaval (CERE). It is recommended that the collection of prizes be minimum two members with the costumes of the parade located in the Dr. Fleming Park. The payment of the prizes will be made effective in a single payment, after the holding of the Contests, and once the winners have provided the necessary data for this purpose.

12º.- All prizes will be subject to the withholdings provided by Law.

13º.- The participation in the Contest supposes the acceptance of the previous bases.


You can access the full text of this call on the website of the Municipality of Miguelturra.

In addition to the publicity of any call submitted to the General Subsidies Law, it will be given the widest possible dissemination among those who may be interested.


For any query or clarification of this call, interested parties may contact the Town Council of Miguelturra, at Street Perlerines nº 24, 13170 – Miguelturra (Ciudad Real), by phone at +34 926241090 Ext. 6002, or by email at the address, you can access the bases and annexes of this call on the website of the Town Council of Miguelturra.


The awarding of the prizes will be governed by what is established in its regulatory bases in this call, in what is not foreseen, will be applicable Law 38/2003, of November 17, General of Subsidies and its provisions of development, the Bases of Execution of the Budget of the City Council of Miguelturra for 2.019 and other state or regional regulations that may be applicable.

What is made public for general knowledge.

Presentation of the parade: Municipal Broadcaster
Organize and collaborate: Civil Protection of Miguelturra