2023 Showcase Contest Bases

The time has come to mask the leaks of the Miguelturra business

The VII Edition of the Miguelturra 2023 Carnival Window Contest is underway.

Diego Rodríguez Tercero, councilor for Festejos and Raúl Domínguez Donate, president of the Peñas Association, have presented the new edition of the Carnival Window Display Contest.

A contest whose main objective is to encourage and reward businesses that support and improve the image of the carnival, creating a pleasant shopping carnival atmosphere during the ten days that the Carnival party lasts.

All retail and wholesale commercial establishments in Miguelturra can participate, as in previous years, provided they have a display case or window with views of the street.

Those present have encouraged the Miguelturra merchants to participate in the contest, whose registration is free.


  1. The Celebrations area in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Carnival Peñas and the Small Business Association, convene the seventh Carnival Showcase Contest for commercial establishments in our town, in order to encourage and reward establishments that, with their efforts, support the promotion and improvement of the image of the business, with a special decoration of its windows, thus creating a pleasant carnival atmosphere for shopping during these dates, giving an added incentive to local businesses.
  2. All retail and wholesale commercial establishments in Miguelturra and all those establishments that have a showcase, such as an office, training center, among others, may participate in the contest.
  3. Registration for the contest will be free, and must be done at the House of Culture of Miguelturra. The registration period will be from January 23 to February 10, 2023.
  4. The trade must have its showcase ready on February 13 until Sunday, February 26, 2023.
  5. The jury designated by the organization will visit the participating businesses during the period established in the previous base and will announce its verdict through the municipal web portal.
    The names of the winning businesses will be published on the website of the Miguelturra City Council ( The jury’s decision will be unappealable.
  6. Three prizes valued at 100 euros each and sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council will be awarded, through the celebration area, leaving some deserted if the jury deems it appropriate:
    – Award for originality and innovation. Travel Gift Voucher.
    – Traditional Design and Composition Award. Travel Gift Voucher.
    – Special Audience Award. Gift Voucher to redeem at small businesses.

    All of them will be endowed with 30 advertising spots on Radio Miguelturra and an 8 by 11 centimeter advertisement in the Municipal Newsletter after the jury’s decision, carnival ceramics and a supporting diploma.

    For the special prize for the public, from February 13 to 23, 2023, there will be an urn located in the Casa de Cultura, in which the population that buys or consumes in the shops or establishments that participate, will deposit their voucher. filled and stamped by the establishment.
    All people who deposit their vouchers in the ballot box will participate in the draw for three purchase vouchers, each valued at 50 euros, which will be awarded by Viajes Rodrigo, to be exchanged at any establishment participating in the contest.

  7. The owners of the establishments participating in the contest will not be eligible for the draw. The communication of the winners will be made by telephone and will be made public through the municipal media. The prizes are not accumulative.
  8. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rule.