Rules VII Drag Queen Contest

Saturday February 25 at 9:00 p.m.
Organized by Peña el Puntillo

Venue: Carnival Palace (CERE).

  1. Its purpose is to choose a first prize, a second, a third and a special from the public.
  2. All persons or groups with a maximum of 6 components may participate.
  3. Registration will take place at the latest on February 24, 2023 before 2:00 p.m. via email:
  4. Each participant must meet the following conditions and provide the following information:
    A. All members must be of legal age (dancers, assistants…)
    B. Attach the attached registration form.
    C. Photos and video of the participating Drag Queen They must provide the music of the performance in MP3 format with a BITRATE of 320 BITS, sent by WETRANSFER.
    D. Do not exceed the performance time by more than 5 minutes
    E. Use a platform greater than 18 cm.
  5. Participants may not display any type of advertising, or disrespectfully attempt against people and institutions.
  6. It is totally FORBIDDEN to use ANIMALS in the performance.
  7. They may use elements with their own electrical energy devices (batteries or batteries) and may never use, under any circumstances, be connected to the electrical network and under no circumstances use pyrotechnic material.
  8. The staging and fantasy must be original and free-themed without having been presented in previous editions.
  9. A maximum of 10 participants may participate in order of registration.
  10. The performance will be carried out by lottery one hour before the contest Therefore, participants must be half an hour before said draw. Whoever arrives after that half hour will not be able to participate in the contest, although if they want, they can perform the performance they have prepared.
  11. QUALIFIING JURY. The members of the jury, the secretary and the president will be chosen by the artistic direction of the contest.
  12. SCORES. The fantasy and originality of the costumes, vocal interpretation, choreography, humor, makeup and compliance with the bases will be valued.
    Each section will be scored from 0 to 10 points, the sum of all of them will be the total.
    The jury’s decision will be unappealable.
  13. AWARDS
    1st Prize: 1,000 euros, band and mask
    2nd Prize: 800 euros and band
    3rd Prize: 500 euros and band

    All prizes sponsored by the Celebration Area of ​​the Miguelturra Town Hall.