Bases XXXVII Contest in Frying Pan Fruit

Monday, February 24 at 12:00 p.m. Organized by Peña Los Rocheros, Puerta del Sol collaborates

  1. Participants may register at the Carnival Palace (CERE) until half an hour before the contest, which will be at 12:30 pm. No person under 18 can register.
  2. To cover the expenses, each registered participant will be helped with 5 euros for flowers, waffles, drunks and donuts (2 modalities) and 10 euros for roscapiña that will have to have a diameter of not less than 25 cm, and must be properly presented at the discretion of the organization.
  3. Each contestant will present a plate with 6 units with each of the two specialties to which it is presented (drunks, flowers, waffles and donuts). Only those contestants who come personally by providing name, surname and DNI will not be admitted, not admitting registration through third parties.
  4. The following awards are established:
    1st and 2nd of Roscapiña
    1st and 2nd Flowers
    1st and 2nd of Wafers
    1st and 2nd Donuts
    1st and 2nd of Borrachuelas
    The 1st prizes will receive 60 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council.
    The 2nd prizes will receive 40 euros sponsored by INGEREIN, SLU.
    All the winners will receive a carnival pottery and a liquor case sponsored by “La Gaditana”
  5. The pieces must be brought home, the presentation and tasting will be rewarded.
  6. To participate you must prove the age of majority.

At the end of the contest, attendees can taste the delicious sweets presented, soaked with the lemon prepared by the friend “Octavio”.