Rules of the XL Frying Pan Fruit Contest

Monday 12 February at 12:30 h.
Organized by Peña Los Rocheros, Charanga Alhiguí collaborates

  1. Participants may register at the Palacio del Carnaval (CERE) up to half an hour before the contest, which will be at 12:30 p.m. No person under the age of 18 may register.
  2. To defray the costs, each person registered will receive 5 euros for flowers, wafers, borrachuelas and doughnuts (2 modalities) and 10 euros for roscapiña, which must have a diameter of no less than 25 centimetres, and must be presented appropriately at the organisers’ discretion.
  3. Each contestant will present a plate with 6 units of each of the two specialities for which he or she is competing: borrachuelas, flowers, wafers and doughnuts. Only those who come in person will be allowed to participate, providing their name, surname and D.N.I, not admitting registration through third parties.
  4. The following prizes are established:
    1st and 2nd of Roscapiña
    1st and 2nd of Flowers
    1st and 2nd of Wafers
    1st and 2nd Doughnuts
    1st and 2nd of BorrachuelasThe 1st prizes will receive 60 euros sponsored by the Town Hall of Miguelturra.
    The 2nd prizes will be sponsored by “El Colmao” of the town, with a lot of typical products, valued at 40 euros each.
    All the winners will receive a carnival ceramic, a bottle of “Baños de Trujillo” olive oil, a carnival apron sponsored by “La Puerta del Sol” and a liquor box sponsored by “La Gaditana”.
  5. Once the contest is over and the prizes have been awarded, the attending public will be treated to a tasting of the contest products and a tasty lemonade from our friend Octavio.
  6. The pieces must be brought home made. The presentation and tasting will be awarded.
  7. To participate you must prove the age of majority.