I Tapa Route Awards ‘Get to know me, flavors of Carnival’

I Tapa Route Awards 'Get to know me, flavors of Carnival', Asador Jani first prize
12 March, 2022/by berna

El Burleta gets the Alhiguí de Honor again

With the theme 'Gods of the Nile' the Burleta gets the Alhiguí de Honor again
7 March, 2022/by berna

Carnival Museum Costume Contest

The Los Rocheros and El Puntillo Peñass triumph in the Carnival Museum Costume Contest
5 March, 2022/by berna

IX Edition Your Mask Sounds Familiar

We are going to Rocío with la Pantoja and los del Río, winners in the Adult/Group modality
4 March, 2022/by berna

Carnival returns to the streets of Miguelturra

It's Carnival again, almost two years have passed for the streets of Miguelturra to be filled with color and joy again.
26 February, 2022/by berna

Bases of the contests of the Miguelturra Carnival 2022

19 February, 2022/by berna

“Love” poster for Carnival 2022

The work of Rubén Lucas García from Murcia will be the image of Carnival 2022.
12 January, 2022/by berna

Showcase Contest 2021

Cooperativa Tierra de Calatrava, first prize in the Showcase…
24 February, 2021/by berna

Mrs Sardina also stays at home

For the first time since 1982 the Burial of the Sardine will…
17 February, 2021/by berna

The Spirit of the Churriego Carnival

El Espíritu del Carnaval de Miguelturra se mantiene vivo en…
15 February, 2021/by berna

Presentation of the Carnival Program 2021

This year the Miguelturra Carnival should be different, it does…
10 February, 2021/by berna

Press Release Association of Peñas del Carnaval de Miguelturra

"Long live the Miguelturra Carnival"
Today should have been…
6 February, 2021/by berna