Africa conquers Miguelturra by the hand of the Burleta

The Burleta of Campo de Criptana with his fantasy "The Heart…
2 March, 2020/by berna

“The Crystal Ball” first prize in Murgas and Chirigotas

The Comparsa "The Crystal Ball" wins the first prize in the XXXVII…
29 February, 2020/by berna

La Cabra’s double in the Museo del Carnaval Costumes contest

Peña La Cabra in the male and female suit, David Méndez first…
29 February, 2020/by berna

Rosalia, Monica Naranjo and Aladdin, triumph in Your Mask Sounds Familiar

VIII Edition of the contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar
Once again…
28 February, 2020/by berna

I’ve seen a pretty kitty!

A spring afternoon and a busy funeral procession dismisses Mrs.…
27 February, 2020/by berna

Carnival Tuesday, the party continues

Peñas meals, children's games, leaving their mark, Onda Cero…
26 February, 2020/by berna

Monday of Masks and carnival sweets

The frying pan fruit contest and the street mask, the most important…
25 February, 2020/by berna

Family, good weather and carnival, an ideal cocktail

The Diana, the chocolate, the Children's Carnival, Peñas food…
24 February, 2020/by berna

Manolo and Mª Carmen proclaimed Masks Major 2020

New Major Masks for the Miguelturra Carnival and 50th Anniversary…
24 February, 2020/by berna

A very ‘Carnival’ Carnival start

Jesús Álvarez Cervantes, preacher of the Miguelturra Carnival…
22 February, 2020/by berna

Dinner Presentation Masks Major 2020

Mª Carmen and Manolo appear before the carnival community of…
18 February, 2020/by berna

Absolute full at the start of the Pre-Carnival

Peña los Cansaliebres and Chirigota Los Quemasangre start the…
9 February, 2020/by berna