The little ones invade the Churriego carnival

Diana, chocolate, children’s carnival and masked volleyball, the most relevant activities on Carnival Sunday

At 9:00 a.m. the Ham Peña and its brass band have started the reveille through the streets of the town, waking up the sleepyheads to a carnival rhythm, surely some of them, still quite sleepy after Saturday’s day.

From 10:30 a.m. the Peña Los Maltrataos have once again delighted us with their chocolate, sweets, anise and other series of products. We must start the day with a full stomach and strength for the intense carnival morning.

Starting at 11:30 in the Constitution Plaza and organized by the Peña El Bufón, the little ones have been the protagonists. After the rally, they paraded through various streets in the direction of the Carnival Palace, well accompanied by the members of the club and their brass band, as well as fathers, mothers and relatives, the celebration councilor, Diego Rodriguez, the King of the Carnival, Serafín Delgado, the Major Masks of this year, José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto, major masks from other years and Raúl Domínguez, president of the Association of Peñas.

The Churriego carnival is well secured, we have a great talent pool and an extraordinary future ahead of us.

Once inside the Carnival Palace, the boys and girls were able to enjoy the Carnival Fantasy, a show exclusively for them and without the presence of parents, as is usual.

Sunday’s activities practically took place in the Doctor Fleming Park, with the Peñas Los Cansaliebres, Kapicua and Los Rocheros, which celebrated their monographic day.

In the afternoon, starting at 4:30 p.m., the ADV Miguelturra organized the Masked Volleyball contest.