Family, good weather and carnival, an ideal cocktail

The Diana, the chocolate, the Children’s Carnival, Peñas food and the Masked Volleyball main activities of Carnival Sunday

The Ham Peña has toured the streets of the town with its Carnival Diana, just as it has been doing for many years and there are now 50, which is not a few. 

In the Spain Square, the Peña los Maltrataos has distributed excellent chocolate accompanied by sweets and a shot of anise for whoever wanted it. For midday they have prepared an exquisite meal from La Mancha. The companies Repostería Codan and Distribuidora Hevás have collaborated in this event.

While in the Constitution Square, starting at 11:30 a.m. and organized by the Peña el Bufón, the ‘ladies’ gathered to participate in the Children’s Carnival, accompanied by mothers, fathers and relatives who did not want to miss the event. Afterwards, they paraded towards the Carnival Palace, where a wonderful children’s show “Chiquifran” awaited them. The event has had the collaboration of Civil Protection.

At noon, in Doctor Fleming Park, Las Peñas Los Cansaliebres, Los Rocheros, Kapikua and Alhigui, have prepared some delicious migas, distributed ham and some potatoes with meat, to regain strength on this intense Carnival Sunday, with a temperature that has invited families to fill Doctor Fleming Park.

The afternoon began with Masked Volleyball, starting at 4:30 p.m. and this peculiar championship organized by the ADV Miguelturra and the Peña el Bufón was held in front of the CERE. The prizes have been the following:

  • Tournament winner, Los Cabezudos, 50 Euros prize sponsored and redeemable at Las Tejas Restaurant
  • Best dressed team,  Los Piratas, 50 Euros prize sponsored and redeemable at Cafetería Ramón
  • Funniest team, Las Novias, 50 Euros prize sponsored and redeemable at Cafeteria Katxis La Taberna el Beso