Sunday spent by water

Diana, chocolate, children’s carnival, peñas food, masked party and charangas parade on the first Sunday of carnival 2024

An intense first Sunday of carnival that opened with the carnival reveille of the Peña El Jamón, while the Peña Los Maltrataos offered delicious chocolate and biscuits in the Plaza de España.

Under the organization of the Peña El Bufón, at mid-morning the children, accompanied by their families, gathered in the Constitution Square, to later begin the parade to the Carnival Palace, where hundreds of boys and girls enjoyed the show children’s ‘Paula at the Carnivals’.

At mid-morning, the rain made an appearance and clubs, groups of friends and families, had to seek shelter to continue celebrating this first Sunday of carnival.

Despite the much-needed rain falling, the activities did not stop and the Carnival Palace became a great party throughout the day.

The Los Cansaliebres, Rocheros, Kapikúa, Spart@ns, Maltrataos, Charanga Alhiguí and Barón Amarillo Peñas, set the main carnival streets of the town, offering various dishes for tasting, while the brass bands provided the musical note in this first e intense carnival Sunday.

In the Carnival Palace, throughout the afternoon, the Masked Guateque was held for the first time and with great success.