Running with Fondistas of Miguelturra

The Street Mask also wants to participate in the next Olympics

The Street Mask takes to the streets of Miguelturra on the second Saturday of carnival. Several hundred street masks participate in the non-competitive race organized by the Fondistas of Miguelturra Association in its XII edition.

From 5:00 p.m. a large group of street masks, Major Masks from 2023, from last year 2022 and from other years, Peñas and different costume groups, gathered in the Constitution Square to take the start in a central circuit, whose end was in the vicinity of the Carnival Palace, the most important thing about this non-competitive race is to have a good time and go dressed up. This race brings back old memories of those years in which the carnival was prohibited and where the races were not for fun, but to avoid arrest by the night watchmen and the civil guard, in addition to the corresponding fine.

Once the race was over, the Carnival Palace served as the setting for the Association of Widows our Lady of the Star, to distribute delicious chocolate and some delicious pasta to the participants, replenishing their strength to participate in the Zumba Fitness Workshop given by “Nuria Sánchez”, 2 vouchers of 30 euros each were also raffled among the participants of the race to exchange them for sustainable sportswear at ACT AND BE, street Ciruela 17-19 in Ciudad Real.