Peñas Dinner

The carnival community welcomes the next Major Masks 2024

Last Saturday 3rd February, peñas and authorities support Mª Luisa and Rafa, as the next Major Masks 2024.

Peñas and lovers of the Miguelturra Carnival celebrate the traditional brotherhood dinner at the Carnival Palace.

With the presence of members of the local carnival clubs, members of the Cultural Association of Peñas Miguelturra’ Carnival, the King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado, Mayor of the town, Luis Ramón Mohíno, Councillor for Culture and Festivities, Carmen María Mohíno and various members of the Municipal Corporation, this traditional dinner was held, supporting and supporting those who will be the next Major Masks of Miguelturra Carnival 2024.

Before the dinner, Luis Ramón Mohíno, Serafín Delgado and the President of the Peñas Association, Raúl Domínguez, wished the best to these two new pairs of Major Masks, who will be the 51st since the establishment of this carnival figure in 1981.

It is worth remembering that from 1981 to 1987, two pairs of Major Masks were chosen, it is from 1988 when only one is chosen, in 2023, this possibility of two pairs was recovered again, always in an exceptional and justified way, for this reason Mª Luisa and Rafa, will be accompanied at all times by the two pairs of Major Masks of 2023, Charo and Leandro, Encarni and José Luis.

Good luck and enjoy this carnival 2024, your carnival, as never before.