Dinner Presentation Masks Major 2019

Mª Paz and Antonio appear before the Carnival community of Miguelturra

With the presence of the preacher of honor of the Carnival of Miguelturra, Guillermo Summers, the traditional dinner for the presentation of the Major Carnival Masks was celebrated.

Victoria Sobrino, mayor of the town, Diego Rodríguez, celebrations councilor, Serafin Delgado, King of Carnival, Raúl Domínguez, president of the Miguelturra Carnival Association, Orestes and Mª Carmen, Major Masks of Carnival 2018, members of the Municipal Corporation, members of the clubs, Guillermo Summers and his wife Marita, have wanted to accompany and support what will be the Major Masks of Carnival 2019, Antonio Rodrigo and Mª Paz del Hierro.

Before the start of the dinner, the delegation was able to visit the exposition ‘This Carnival interests me’, which collects the photographs of the Miguelturra Carnival photo contest since 1999.

Prior to the dinner, Victoria Sobrino, Serafin Delgado and Guillermo Summers took the floor, congratulating the new couple of Masks of the Carnival of Miguelturra and wishing them a happy journey in their new carnival stage.

Guillermo Summers, who could not be present during the celebration of the declaration of national tourist interest, wanted to be present in this act as a churriego more, since Miguelturra carries it inside his heart and for him it is his second town.

The dinner was attended by some 400 people who have tasted a menu prepared by the Casa Pepe Restaurant.