Gloria and Antonio are already members of the Peña Major Masks

The Peña Major Masks has two new members.

From Sunday, February 6, those who will be the major masks of Carnival 2022, Antonio and Gloria, are already from the Peña Major Masks.

As tradition dictates, the predecessor majors masks have welcomed the new ones and have celebrated with traditional chocolate at the headquarters of the Peña.

Next Saturday, February 26 at the Palacio del Carnaval, Antonio and Gloria will receive the affection of the people of Miguelturra, officially being the Major Masks of Carnival 2022. Today they have received it from their colleagues, who will serve as their guide during the ten days that the churriego carnival lasts.

After last year’s break due to the health situation and the suspension of Carnival 2021, Antonio and Gloria will succeed Manolo and Mª Carmen as Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.

Belonging to the Peña La Cabra, both have a long carnival history. Gloria comes from the family, her parents were already Major Masks at the 1985 Carnival.