José Luis, Encarni, Leandro and Charo, are already part of the Major Masks Peña

The Major Masks Peña already has four new members

From Saturday, January 21, those that will be major masks of Carnival 2023, Leandro, Charo, José Luis and Encarni, are already from the Major Masks Peña.

As tradition dictates, the predecessor majors masks have welcomed the new ones and have celebrated with traditional chocolate at the headquarters of the Peña.

Next Saturday February 18 at the Carnival Palace, these two new couples of Major Masks will receive the love of the people of Miguelturra, officially being Major Masks of Carnival 2023. Today they have received it from their colleagues, who will serve as their guide during the ten days that the churriego carnival lasts. 

Two new couples, who will succeed Gloria and Antonio as Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.

The Major Masks Peña also made an emotional recognition to two of its members. Eli and Santos received a plaque from their colleagues in gratitude for their hospitality and work in the peña.