Children visit the museum

The local schools visit the “Momo” Carnival Museum

The different centers of the town take a guided tour of the Churriego Carnival Museum “MOMO”, the first museum dedicated exclusively to the carnival.

During the visit, the King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado and Yolanda Naharro, are in charge of explaining to the boys and girls the world of carnival, perfectly illustrated in the different rooms that make up this peculiar museum.

With a look of hope and enthusiasm, the kids access the different rooms that make up the museum, from time to time a hand raised to ask curiosities to King Seraphim, who responds with affection to these curious questions and that even the King himself gets upset. in some tight spot.

During the visit, the future street masks of the Churriego carnival discuss among themselves what their costume will be this year, excited about the soon arrival of the carnival.