A very ‘Sporty’ start to Carnival

Jesús Álvarez Cervantes, crier of the Miguelturra Carnival 2020

The sports journalist and head of the sports area of ​​TVE’s news, Jesús Álvarez Cervantes, kicks off the Miguelturra Carnivals 2020, a very sporting proclamation for our carnivals.

La Peña Los Segadores with his brass band, as is usual in our carnival, he was in charge of organizing the event and from eight in the afternoon, local, provincial and regional authorities, together with members of the Association of Peñas, King of Carnival, Peñas of the town and Major Masks, gathered at the doors of the Town Hall in the Spain Square to receive Jesús Álvarez Cervantes.

After the reception, the delegation went to the CERE and made the traditional visit to the ‘MOMO’ Carnival Museum. At 9:30 p.m. the long-awaited proclamation began, with a packed Carnival Palace and under the leadership of our great presenter Tere Rodado. First, the mayor of the town, Laura Arriaga, spoke and thanked the authorities, Peñas, street masks and the town crier Jesús Álvarez for their presence. 

Jesús took the stage of the Carnival Palace to the rhythm of the charanga music, he joined the audience in a speech that covered different topics such as sport, tradition, poetry and music, adapting them and incorporating them into what is a Carnival proclamation. He had references to Lope de Vega to explain how he came as a crier for the Miguelturra Carnival with the help of Francisco Javier Martín del Burgo. He also got excited and sang us a little bit of ‘Fiesta’ by Joan Manuel Serrat.

As a good sports commentator, he gave us the lineup of our carnival clubs amidst cheers and applause from the audience. The proclamation ended with the traditional Long live Carnival!! – Long live Miguelturra!!

Once the proclamation was over, Álvarez received the typical carnival ceramics, which this year begins a new format, and the Charanga sang him an unexpected Happy Birthday, since he was born on February 22, 1958.

Juan David Ortiz also took the stage to receive his prize as winner of the 2020 Carnival Announcement Poster contest, whose title is ‘Carnival Masks’.

Once the proclamation was over, the delegation headed to the Peña los Segadores silk and during the tour Jesús kindly attended to the people who came to take pictures with him.

The party is already underway, thank you very much Jesus.