Carnival begins

Pepe Ribagorda kicks off the Miguelturra Carnival.

Luxury crier for the Miguelturra Carnivals, the well-known Telecinco presenter, was in charge of starting the most famous festivities in the town.

La Peña Los Segadores with his brass band, as is usual in our carnival, he was in charge of organizing the event and from eight in the afternoon, local, provincial and regional authorities, together with members of the Association of Peñas, Rey del Carnaval, Peñas of the town and Major Masks, gathered at the doors of the Town Hall in the Spain Square, to receive Pepe Ribagorda.

After the reception, the delegation went to the CERE and visited the ‘MOMO’ Carnival Museum, touring its facilities full of carnival history.

Around 9:30 p.m. the long-awaited proclamation began, with a packed Carnival Palace. Firstly, the mayor of the town, Victoria Sobrino, spoke, thanking Ribagorda for her presence and requesting the involvement of the people of Miguelturra so that the Miguelturra Carnival is declared of National Tourist Interest, inviting everyone to join in the joy. and enjoy the party.

Ribagorda, like a good journalist, demonstrated that he had immersed himself in the history of the Churriego carnival, spoke of its prohibitions and the street mask, of the fruit in a frying pan and of the fight of the people of Miguelturreños to preserve the tradition of this festival, betting on the declaration of the Miguelturra Carnivals as a Festival of National Tourist Interest, an initiative to which we must all join.

During his speech, he made a brief tour of current national politics, linking it to the town’s carnival life, as if it were one of his regular news programs.

Finally, he wished the people of Miguelturreños to experience the carnival festival as they have always done, thanking them for the hospitality received. Ending with the shout of Long live Carnival!

Next, Cristóbal Aguiló collected the award as winner of the 2017 Carnival poster contest and Emilio Ruiz received recognition from the Association of Peñas for the design of his logo.

Once the proclamation was over, the II Charanga Contest organized by the Peña El Puntillo began, with the winner of this second contest being the Charanga El Aliguí, which took home the traditional carnival ceramics and 600 euros. In second place, the charanga Los que siempre Fallan, for them it was 300 euros and carnival ceramics, in third place, the charanga Catapún Chimpún, who took 200 euros and carnival ceramics.