Press Release Association of Peñas del Carnaval de Miguelturra

“Long live the Miguelturra Carnival”

Today should have been the day, the day that would be presented to those who would have been the highest representatives of Carnival 2021, our Major Masks, today should have been the day that we got together to finish our costumes, cars, stoves…, today It should have been the day when all of us Churriegos would have that tingling in the stomach that we all know as we prepare our best clothes for what next Friday should have been, OUR CARNIVAL.

This year should have been different, a year of celebration in which the Association of Peñas celebrates 40 years and in which we should have thanked all the people, boards of directors and supporters clubs that have been part throughout these years of our association. But not only we have our birthday, so do two of the usual clubs, the ones that have made and make our carnival great, the “Los Segadores” club and the “La Cabra” club, happy 40 years.

But this is not that year, this year we have to be consistent with the situation that we have had to live, that is why from the Peñas Association we ask you one thing that we never thought we were going to say, that you stay at home. We have to respect the rules imposed by our authorities and think that with this effort Carnival 2022 will be a much better Carnival for everyone.

This year more than ever:
“There is no place like home.”