Miguelturra says his last goodbye to Mrs. Sardine

A splendid day to say goodbye to our beloved Sardine as she deserves

Since five in the afternoon, the funeral procession has gathered at El Ganadero to say their last goodbye to Mrs. Sardine. Serafín, King of the Carnival and greatest mourner of the unfortunate sardine, received condolences and was accompanied at the funeral by the members of the different peñas of the town, Major Masks of this year and previous ones, members of the Association of Peñas with their president at the head, Raúl Domínguez, the celebrations councilor Diego Rodríguez and a good number of carnival-goers and carnival-goers who have also joined this tribute.

The funeral parade traveled through the streets of the town in search of the crematorium, supported at all times by a large audience that filled the streets, joining the procession to say their last goodbye to the unfortunate little fish.

The little mermaids also wanted to join in such a painful loss and carried the child’s sardine. The members of the Peña la Cabra, organizers of the event, carried the adult sardine.

The esplanade between Rodeo and El Ramo streets was the place chosen for the cremation of the sardines and between cries, sobs and sorrow, the purifying fire ended with the most peculiar burial of the Churriego carnival.

Later, in the Peña la Cabra booth, they drowned themselves with more than a hundred liters of lemon and another hundred of fresh grilled sardines.

Mrs. Sardine, rest in peace for this year.