Goodbye Little Sardine, goodbye

With the Burial of the Sardine we reach the halfway point of the carnival.

At 17:00 hours, as tradition dictates (with the exception of the year 2000, which began its march at 12:00 hours, with the sardine being burnt at 17:00 hours), the funeral procession began its journey from the Bar el Ganadero, led by the carnival authorities, masqueraders and carnival groups.

Organized by the Peña La Cabra, the parade has made its usual route through the streets of the town, which as usual were very crowded.

As the funeral procession passed through the Spain Square, Mrs Sardine and the authorities showed their respect and paid the appropriate honours to the monument made up of the figures of the Mascarona and the Alhiguí.

At the end of the route of this peculiar burial, the purifying fire blessed the inert body of the unfortunate sardines. Later, at the headquarters of the Peña La Cabra, the sorrows of the mourners were extinguished with a good glass of lemoná and some good grilled sardines.

Rest in Peace, at least, until next year.