Celebration Declaration of National Tourist Interest

Gala “Festival of National Tourist Interest” and Popular Verbena, main events of the celebration

The details of the celebration that will take place next Saturday, June 16, are already being known, on the occasion of the declaration of our Carnival as a holiday of national tourist interest.

It is expected that the rocks cheer throughout the day and from 20:30 h. Concentrate at the gates of the City Hall, then go to the CERE and attend the Gala to be held around 9:00 p.m. in the Palace of the Carnival. During the Gala, a recognition will be made to all those people who have made the Carnival of Miguelturra a national tourist attraction.

Once the Gala is over, the Doctor Fleming Park will become the center of the celebration, with the performance of the Danube Orchestra and DJ’s party.