Presentation of the Miguelturra Carnival at FITUR 2020

The Stand of Castilla-La Mancha presentation stage

On Saturday, January 25, the Miguelturra Carnival was presented at the International Tourism Fair 2020.

The presentation began with a staging of the Peña el Puntillo with which he participated in the Carnival Museum Suits contest 2019. Subsequently, a video of the town and its traditions was projected, meanwhile, our street mask gift to those present with our traditional and delicious fruit in pan.

The mayor of the town Laura Arriaga took the floor and made a brief tour of the history of the Churriego carnival, a story that is lost in time and that neither the prohibitions to which it was subjected managed to avoid its celebration, praising the street mask as a hallmark of the party.

Arriaga, presented the new carnival brand, which reflects different hallmarks of the town and carnival, the fat tower, the street mask and the burial of the sardine, are among other elements part of this new image.

The event was attended by a large group of people representing the local Peñas, the councilor of Festejos, Diego Rodríguez, different members of the Municipal Corporation, King of the Carnival, Serafín Delgado, President of the Association of Miguelturra Carnival Peñas, Raúl Domínguez, Major Masks 2020, Mª Carmen and Manolo, Major Masks 2019, Antonio and Mª Paz, as well as our Street Mask.



Photographs provided by the Miguelturra City Council