18-June-2022. Summer Carnival

1-Marzo-2022. Inauguration of the Street Mask monument by the sculptor Fernando Kiriko

1-Marzo-2022. Presentation of the book ‘Get to know me Carnaval de Miguelturra. 40th Anniversary Association of Peñas’ of the miguelturreño author Berna Martínez

19-February-2022. Dinner Presentation Major Masks 2022

11-September-2021. Performance Chirigota “Los #Cadizfornia” and the Comparsa “La Chusma Selecta”

15-February-2020. Dinner Presentation Major Masks 2020

08-February-2020. Beginning of the Pre-Carnival with the performance of Chirigota Los Quemasangre and the anthology of Selu

8-June-2019. Summer Carnival

23-March-2019. Comparsa performance El Marqués de Cádiz

23-February-2019. Dinner Presentation Major Masks 2019

02-February-2019. Beginning of the Precarnival with the performance of the Tic Tac Comparsa and Tino Tovar’s anthology

July 18, 2018. Proclamation holiday of the Barrio de Oriente of the President Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Raúl Domínguez Donate

June 16, 2018. Celebration for the Carnival Declaration of Miguelturra as a Festival of National Tourist Interest

CMM TV. Broad is Castilla-La Mancha June 04, 2018

Comparsa “Los Ángeles de la Guarda”

Masked Voley 2018

Dinner Presentation Major Masks 2018

TV CMM – Broad is Castilla-La Mancha
January 15, 2018

Start of Precarnaval 2018
Comparsa Gaditana Araka la Kana

TV CMM – Broad is Castilla-La Mancha
February 20, 2017

Dinner Presentation Major Masks 2017

TV CMM – Broad is Castilla-La Mancha
January 30, 2017