“Sardinaaas” poster for the 2024 Carnivals

The work of Bernardo Ballesteros Sánchez, based in Miguelturra, will be the image of Carnival 2024

“Sardinaaas” is the winning work of the 2024 Carnival Announcer Contest and will be the image of the Miguelturra Carnival declared of National Tourist Interest.

The jury on this occasion was made up of Lorena Rosales Castillo, graphic designer, Virginia Gómez Navarro, graphic designer, Emilio José Ruiz Muñoz, graphic designer and Raúl Domínguez Donate, President of the Association of Peñas Miguelturra Carnival, acting as secretary Juan Ramón Díaz-Pinto Muñoz, director of the Municipal Library.

On Wednesday, January 10 at the Casa de Capellanía, the jury decided that of the 22 preselected works, “Sardinaaas” would be the winning work of this contest, endowed with a single prize of 1,000 euros and a souvenir from the contest.

The finalist works will be exhibited at the Casa de Chaplainía during the month of January.

Bernardo Ballesteros Sánchez, born in Membrilla (Ciudad Real), resides in Miguelturra and is a graphic designer.

As the winner of the contest, he will collect his well-deserved prize during the Inaugural Proclamation of the 2024 Carnivals on February 9.