Absolute full at the start of the Pre-Carnival

Peña los Cansaliebres and Chirigota Los Quemasangre start the Churriego Pre-Carnival

The Cansaliebres hang the sign of no tickets and fill the Carnival Palace, the Chirigota Los Quemasangre and the anthology of the Selu prelude to the carnivals 2020.

About 9:00 p.m. On Saturday, February 8, a crowded Carnival Palace received the components of the Cadiz Chirigota Los Quemangre.

Alejandro, José Antonio, Antonio, Francisco, José Luis,  José María, Juan José, Juián, Manuel José, Manolo and José Manuel, members of the Chirigota Los Quemasangre, turned the Carnival Palace (CERE) upside down, as they usually do in all their performances and especially in the COAC. With the interpretations of the chirigota of Los Quemasangre, Las Pepis, Whatever my wife says, Los enteraos and Juan, if I get heavy, you tell me, they made the audience go live.

During the event, the president of the Peña los Cansaliebres, Alberto Soria, accompanied by the councilor of Festejos, Diego Rodriguez, gave the troupe the typical ceramic mask of the Miguelturra Carnival and the presenter of the act, Tere Rodado, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Soria, on behalf of the components of La Peña los Cansaliebres, thanked the sponsoring and collaborating companies, since without them, this event could not take place.

Sponsor: Onda Cero Ciudad Real

Collaborators: Instalaciones Eléctricas Alberto Soria, Biluja Serigrafía, Panadería Bollería Fegopan, delegación de Mapfre en Miguelturra, Gimnasio Kim Miguelturra, Servicios Veterinarios Marcos Bastante Rojas, Instalaciones Miguelturra, Dasego Asesores, Katxis La Taberna El Beso, Viajes Rodrigo, Cordelerías Jesús León Carrascosa and Enova Informática y Comunicaciones

Event diffusion and photography: