II Miguelturra Carnival Cultural Days

Great success both in terms of content and audience attendance.

An intense weekend prior to the Miguelturra Carnival

The II Carnival Cultural Days, held from February 2 to 4, have ended with great success in their journey through the Churriego pre-carnival.

A conference that included as speakers Francisco Manuel Peco, director of the conference and graduate in History and Music Sciences, Esmeralda Muñoz, doctor in Contemporary History, José Ramón González, historian and president of the Malastardes Association, as well as Berna Martínez, computer scientist, web designer of, official website of the Miguelturra Carnival Peñas Cultural Association and president of the Historical-Cultural Association, closing the presentations Manuel Ruiz Toribio with a commented photography exhibition.

In the different discussion tables, Serafín Delgado, King of the Carnival, Octavio Martín and Vicente Ramírez, the groups El Jamón, La Cabra, Los Segadores, El Bufón, Máscaras Mayores, Los Cansaliebres, El Puntillo, Los Rocheros, Los Fregquísimos have participated, Charanga Alhiguí and the Peña Spartan@s.

The conferences have been about “The Miguelturra Carnival and its surroundings over time”, “Carnival in the History of the art of provocation to its stages of prohibition”, “Between legend and memory”, “Carnival of Miguelturra in the 21st Century. Its dissemination through new technologies” and “Exhibition of commented photography. Disguised Memory”.

As for the debate tables and colloquiums, we have been able to enjoy “A life full of carnival”, “A democratic carnival: emergence of clubs during the last decades of the 20th century” and “Current and future of the Miguelturra Carnival”.

The conferences have been directed by Francisco Manuel Peco, while the presentation of the different events, moderation of tables and debates, has had as its protagonist Berna Martínez, author of the book “Get to know me, Miguelturra Carnival”.

The Mayor of the town, Luis Ramón Mohíno, has carried out both the opening and closing of these days, highlighting the work done by Francisco M. Peco and all the people who have participated in the different tables and events organized.

During Saturday morning, the little ones also had a great time during these days, through a Master Class taught by Chef Rocío Arroyo at the Carnival Palace.

On the street, the local theater group Flauti Flauti has put on a street theater about different historical aspects of our carnival, with salt shakers and great humor.

Our thanks to the photographers Enrique Ruiz Arenas and Fran Sánchez (Diario de Miguelturra) for providing photographs of these days.