Presentation of the book ‘Get to know me, Carnaval de Miguelturra. 40th Anniversary Association of Supporters Clubs of Berna Martínez Romero

Next Tuesday, March 1 at 12:00 p.m. at the Palacio del Carnaval, the book about the Miguelturra Carnival ‘Get to know me, Miguelturra Carnival’ will be presented. 40th Anniversary of the Association of Peñas’ of the miguelturreño author Berna Martínez Romero, belonging to the Historical-Cultural Association

It can be purchased at local bookstores: “Lemar”, “MyPaper”, “Persianas El Cristo” and “Dulcinea” or once its presentation is over at the Carnival Palace itself.

The book takes a tour of the history of the churriego carnival, focusing mainly on the last 40 years.

History, criers, posters, king of the carnival, older masks… and more than 900 photographs illustrate the book.

Both the Miguelturra City Council and the Peñas Association have collaborated so that this project can see the light of day.