Carnival Flavor

The Fryiging Pan Fruit Contest begins the carnival activities on Monday

At 12:30 p.m. the XL Frying Pan Fruit Contest began at the CERE facilities, with the presence of the Mayor of Miguelturra, Luis Ramón Mohíno, Councilor for Culture and Celebrations, Carmen María Mohíno, members of the Municipal Corporation, Carlos Jesús Villajos, regional deputy, president of the Cultural Association of Carnival Peñas, Raúl Domínguez, Leandro, Charo, José Luis and Encarni, major masks of 2023 and those of 2024, Rafa and Mª Luisa.

La Peña los Rocheros, have been the organizers of the event and Octavio Martín has prepared the lemon, which as always is exquisite. The Onda Cero network broadcast live during the celebration of the event and from the Carnival Museum the program ‘More than one Ciudad Real’.

Prizes from the XL Frying Pan Fruit Contest:

Barquillos Modality

  • 1st Prize, Crescencia Sánchez Rincón
  • 2nd Prize, Isabel Gómez Ramírez

Borrachuelas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Santiago Fernández Pérez
  • 2nd Prize, Gonzalo Hidalgo Mansilla

Flores Modality

  • 1st Prize, Paqui Ramírez Rodrigo
  • 2nd Prize, Santiago Fernández Pérez

Roscapiña Modality

  • 1st Prize, Fernando Guerra Montero
  • 2nd Prize, Paqui Ramírez Rodrigo

Rosquillas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Crescencia Sánchez Rincón
  • 2nd Prize, Rita Ramírez Rodrigo

All the first prizes have been sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, consisting of 60 euros and the second prizes for ‘El Colmao’ of the town, a batch of typical products valued at 40 euros. They have also received a case of liquor sponsored by La Gaditana, a bottle of ‘Baños de Trujillo’ oil, the traditional Carnival Ceramics and an apron sponsored by Sun Gate.

Throughout the day, the Street Masks have filled the Carnival street with joy and color, pranking the naive passers-by by shouting, Don’t you know me?

The Peñas El Puntillo, Major Masks, Cultural Athenaeum and The Goat have decorated the main streets of the town with their brass bands.

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