The Burial of the Sardine turns 40

It went out to the streets for the first time in 1982, the following year it was incorporated as part of the programming of the Miguelturra Carnival.

As tradition dictates, the funeral procession began the journey from the Bar el Ganadero, headed by the carnival authorities, older masks and Peñas.

This year the Burial of the Sardine celebrates 40 years, in 1982 it went out for the first time in an improvised way, the coffin was made with a box and two sticks, a fresh sardine was the first deceased, Pepe ‘El Lobo’ and Pepe ‘Pichón’ carried her on their shoulders.


Organized by the Peña La Cabra, the parade has made its usual route through the streets of the town, which as usual were very crowded.

As the Funeral Procession passed through the Spain Square, Mrs Sardine and the authorities showed their respect and paid the appropriate honors to the monument of the Street Mask, inaugurated the day before.

At the end of the route of this peculiar burial, the purifying fire blessed the inert body of the unfortunate sardine and ‘since life is a dream and dreams are dreams’, it will return next year to the streets of Miguelturra to rejoice the carnival.

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