PreCarnival 2024 with the Los Esclavos Comparsa

A very Pre-Christmas PreCarnival

The Churriego pre-carnival opens before Christmas due to agenda reasons of the Cádiz groups, which will have their leading role in the COAC starting next January 9 and will culminate with the final on Friday, February 9.

On December 16, starting at 9:00 p.m. at the Carnival Palace, the Peña Los Cansaliebres begin the pre-carnival with the Cadiz troupe Los Esclavos, second classified in the COAC 2023.

A troupe with lyrics by Miguel Ángel García Argüez ‘El Chapa’, music by Raúl María Cabrera Fernández, under the direction of Francisco Javier Bohórquez Gutiérrez and a staging of about fifteen people.

El Chapa is a teacher, writer, musician and lyricist for different groups including Los Esclavos, Los Prisioneros, Gran Reserva or Los Renacidos.

Raúl Cabrera is a composer and musician, he has composed for Andy & Lucas, Los Rebujitos or Paco Candela, of course for groups from Cádiz such as Los Renacidos, Solo saber que no saber nada, La Maldición de la Lapa Negra or Los Hombres de Negro.

Francisco Javier Bohórquez, a great friend of Juan Carlos Aragón with whom he participates in various groups such as La Gaditaníssima, Los Mafiosos, Los Peregrinos or Los Parias, in chirigotas with Vota P.I.C.H.A., Los Yesterday or Los Panteras, since 2023 with the group Los Esclavos and In 2024 he will do it with Los Colgaos, both from his good friend El Chapa.

A troupe that will delight us with pasodobles: Couplets that have been born, Oh Raúl my accomplice, Blue Wednesday of carnivals, Holy Week, She was a puppet, These are such strange times, The old walls or Red on the inside, pink on the outside.

There will be no shortage of cuplés and medleys, with references to Christmas, nods to the Carnival of Cádiz, Elizabeth II of England,  elections, Ukraine, sexual euphemisms or even the one who was the crier of the Carnival of Cádiz 2023, Joaquín Quiñones.

An event on par with our Carnival, declared of National Tourist Interest and which will be sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council and the Ciudad Real Provincial Council.

The event will be organized as usual by the Peña Los Cansaliebres.

The dissemination on networks and web, as is also usual, will be carried out by

While the sponsorship will be provided by Onda Cero Ciudad Real, as it has been doing in recent years.

The collaborating companies of the event are: Gonavas Logistics, Ferretería Jesús León Carrascosa, Servicios Veterinarios Marcos Bastante Rojas, Instalaciones Eléctricas Alberto Soria, Taekwondo Kim Miguelturra, Viajes Rodrigo, Dasego Asesores, Panadería Fegopan, Instalaciones Miguelturra, MyPaper stationery store, Diario de Miguelturra, Hotel San Juan, Biluja Advertising, Mapfre Seguros Corral Rodrigo and Family Carnes.

Points of sale: Fegopan Bakery in Miguelturra and Pureza Alta Taberna in Ciudad Real.

Also through the telephone number 664540202 or through the Giglon platform at the following web address:

The ticket price will be 10 euros in advance and 15 euros at the box office.