Carnival I love you, lalalá lalalalá

Javier Ruiz crier of the Miguelturra Carnival 2024

It’s already carnival, we are already celebrating.

Javier Ruiz, kicks off the most popular and traditional festival in Miguelturra, the carnivals, a festival declared of National Tourist Interest.

As usual, a packed house at the Carnival Palace to witness a churriego-style proclamation by Javier Ruiz.

A proclamation, which was attended by the Mayor of the town Luis Ramón Mohíno, the Councilor for Culture and Celebrations, Carmen María Mohíno, members of the Municipal Corporation, President of the Association of Peñas, Raúl Domínguez, King of the Carnival, Serafín Delgado, Major Masks of 2023, José Luis Rivas, Encarni Sánchez, Leandro Arévalo and Charo López, those who will be in 2024, Rafael Gómez and Mª Luisa Ocaña, as well as members of the local Peñas.

The delegation began the traditional path to the Carnival Palace from the Spain Square, where they were able to visit the Carnival Museum, one of the few museums on the planet dedicated entirely to this festival.

Javier Ruiz has not left us indifferent, with a proclamation full of nods to the different figures that make up our carnival and the importance of its traditions.

A whole year waiting to start this carnival, let’s remember that Javier agreed to be a town crier on Carnival Tuesday last year.

With a lot of humor he has managed to dazzle the audience and start these 2024 carnivals on the right foot, he has even delighted us with a little chirigota.

Thank you very much, Javier.