Gloria Albalate announcer of Carnival 2023

The actress born in Piedrabuena, will kick off the Miguelturra Carnival 2023

From the Celebration Area of the Miguelturra City Council, the name of the person in charge of giving the starting signal to the 2023 carnivals has been announced. The announcer of the Miguelturreño carnival, a Festival of National Tourist Interest, will be the actress from La Mancha Gloria Albalate, nominated for the Goya 2021 as a revelation actress.

Gloria Albalate, born in Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real), began in the Fable theater group in her hometown. After years of being fond of the theater world, he studied at ESAD in Córdoba, after which he moved to Madrid.

Closely linked to the La Cantera theater project, she stars in a large part of the company’s productions such as “Buffonerías”, “Marriages”, “Flower of a couplet”, “Anita Dirty Hair” or “Squeezed Oranges”, nominated for the Max awards in 2011.

In the Spanish capital he managed to train with great professionals, standing out in plays such as “The lame devil” at the Almagro Classic Theater Festival, “Christmas at the Cupiello’s house”, “Pharaoh’s Court”, “Domestic creatures” , “Them my little muertetitas”, “Ranch whores” or “King Perico and the one-eyed lady” by Juan Dolores Caballero, with which he triumphed at the Don Quixote Festival in Paris.

As for her recognitions, she has been nominated for the 2018 Union of Actors Awards, as best supporting actress for the play “Mueblofilia” and a candidate for the Goya 2021, as best new actress for “Unfortunate Stories”.

In the audiovisual world, in addition to the film “Unfortunate stories” by Javier Fesser and “Three, six, five” by Mario Jara, he has participated in series such as “The village”, “Central Hospital”, “Love is foreve”, “M.I.R.”, “Disappeared”, “The Gypsy Bride”, “Skam Spain”, “Chapter 0” and “Abductees”, among others. 

On February 17, Albalate will inaugurate the most emblematic festival of the town at the Carnival Palace, thus beginning ten days of intense carnival celebrations.

A long-awaited date, since it is the first unrestricted carnivals after the Covid-19 pandemic.