A Proclamation for the Barrio de Oriente with a carnival flavor

Raúl Domínguez Donate, President of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Town Crier of the Parties of the Barrio de Oriente

At 22:30 h. began the act with the proclamation of the Queen and the Ladies of the parties, after the proclamation, Raul Dominguez Donate, president of the Miguelturra Carnival Association, began the proclamation that serves as a starting signal for the parties of the neighborhood.

A proclamation to which Raúl wanted to title ‘Here I am because I have come, that is, I speak, you listen and then when we are finished, throw tomatoes if they think it is convenient’.

Raúl, has put in value, the great work done by the people of this neighborhood and that together with his Association, do year after year, and there are many, that their parties are worthy of admiration and that not only the neighborhood, but all Miguelturra, be expectant of its celebration in mid-July.

I could not miss in the pregón phrases and winks to the carnival, as the passage of the Burial of the Sardine in its early years through the streets of the neighborhood or ‘Do not you know me?’, Traditional cry with which our street mask is presented before their ‘victims’. He also wanted to thank publicly the Association of Neighbors and especially the previous president, Santiago, and the current one, Antonio, for giving the Local Civic of the Barrio to the Peña Los Rocheros to be able to celebrate their meetings.

Neither have missed the coplillas, just lacked to tear and sing, but at least he recited them and drew the laughter from the audience.

We have arrived at this neighborhood four hundred in a gang,
we would all like to sit down
but … we do not have enough chairs

From so many dances that no stranger be scared, 
that we will drag the body
until the pocket holds

To finish, Raúl has wanted some happy and endearing parties, closing the proclamation with a Live the parties of the Barrio de Oriente!, Live Our Lady The Virgin of Health and Live your people!