I Tapa Route Awards ‘Get to know me, flavors of Carnival’

Asador Jani first prize with the Tapa El Chato and El Rayo

During the two weekends that the tapas route has lasted, some 2,000 units have been consumed.

The catering and tapas companies that have participated in this first edition have been: Café-Bar Los Serranos ‘Street Mask’, Café-Bar Q Alivio “King of Carnival”, Restaurante las Tejas “Charanga”, Asador Jani “El Chato and El Rayo”, Pizzeria Bar Pis Pas with “Don’t you know me?”, Bar El Mercado “Emblematic Mask” and Tavern Aquilice and Much More “Peña Los Segadores”.

All the people who completed the route, made their evaluations that they deposited in the ballot boxes located in the establishments themselves, their scores have determined the winning establishments, in addition, they have participated in a draw for seven 50-euro vouchers to consume in the participating establishments.

The winners of these vouchers are Ana Isabel Sánchez Ruíz, Jesús Naranjo Santos, María Ángeles Valero Polo, María Eugenia Gutiérrez Fernández, Juan Francisco Padilla Núñez, Alberto Soria Martín de Lucía and Eufemio Díaz-Pinto Gómez.

Once the scores of the cards entered in each and every one of the ballot boxes have been added, they have determined that the winning establishments of the I Tapa Route ‘Get to know me, flavors of Carnival’ are:

1st Prize 400 euros and Carnival ceramics, Asador Jani with its cover ‘El Chato and El Rayo’

2nd Prize 300 euros and Carnival ceramics, Bar El Mercado with its cover ‘Emblematic Mask’

3rd Prize 200 euros and carnival ceramics, Café-Bar Los Serrano with its cover ‘Street Mask’

The event has been organized by the Miguelturra Town Hall Celebration Area, in collaboration with the Peñas del Carnaval Association and the Calatrava Cultural Park, and has also been sponsored by Sacra Distribución.