Presentation Carnival Program 2021

This year the Miguelturra Carnival must be different, it does not play a party, nor a fuss, what it does is responsibility

Serious faces in the presentation of the Miguelturra Carnival 2021, the ‘Momo’ Carnival museum has been the chosen setting.

Both the mayoress of the town Laura Arriaga, as the councilor for celebrations Diego Rodríguez, the King of Carnival Serafín Delgado, the president of the Peñas Association Raúl Domínguez, major masks of 2020, Mª Carmen Céspedes and Manuel González, have conveyed the need to be responsible for the situation we are experiencing, for the first time there will be a carnival very different from the one we know, we must stay at home because there is nothing to celebrate and wait for this situation to pass to resurface in 2022 like never before.

Laura Arriaga in her speech has asked that this carnival be historic, but out of responsibility. The authorities of our carnival have spoken along the same lines, requesting citizens to stay at home and avoid unnecessary contagion.

Diego Rodríguez, councilor for festivities, has described the few activities that this carnival will have. Work will continue on our carnival brand ‘Get to know me’, there will be a window contest, the carnival walls project with its three urban art murals, there will also be a ‘La Churriega’ mask race, but it will be in educational centers as safe spaces in the face of COVID-19, our Miguelturra Long Distance Runners will be missed and finally, a video contest through the TikTok social network.

On the other hand, in the Plaza del Pradillo de Clavería the second of the urban art murals has begun.