Presentation Program 2023

150,000 euros budget in different items

On the morning of Wednesday, February 8, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the declaration of the Miguelturra Carnival as a Festival of National Tourist Interest, the schedule of events for this 2023 Carnival has been announced.

The event took place at the MOMO Museum, with the presence of the mayoress Laura Arriaga, the councilor for festivities, Diego Rodríguez and the local carnival authorities, Serafín Delgado, King of Carnival, Raúl Domínguez, President of the Association of Peñas and the older masks of the year 2022 and those of the new 2023.

The first to speak was Laura Arriaga, who highlighted the complete program that gives shape to these festivities, highlighting the second edition of Sabores del Carnaval within the pre-carnival and hanging the complete poster in each of its acts. In addition, he has taken the opportunity to emphasize that this 2023, as it is such a special year, two pairs of older masks will be chosen again as was done in the 80s of the last century. The increase in security and cleanliness, as well as the existence of a Violet Point are also intended to help everyone who travels to Miguelturra to enjoy its carnival.

Diego Rodríguez, councilor for festivities, has stressed the efforts that have been made to achieve a very complete carnival. The return of the Drag Queen contest, this new Masterclass around pan-fried fruit for the little ones and a schedule without limitations derived from COVID-19 will lead us to experience a carnival in style.

For his part, Raúl Domínguez has wished that all those supporters clubs that are celebrating their anniversary in 2023 can celebrate it in style, as well as insisting on the importance of enjoying a carnival with respect. To close the act, Serafín Delgado (King of Carnival) and the major masks of the past 2022 and this 2023 have taken the floor.

Now, the countdown begins for the starting signal of a proclamation that quotes us on the afternoon of Friday, February 17 at the Miguelturra Carnival Palace.