Pre-carnival, the comparsa ‘Tic-Tac’ and the anthology of Tino Tovar

The Peña Los Cansaliebres open the pre-carnival Churriego.

And there have been 4 editions since we started with that crazy idea of Pre-Carnival.

This time from Cádiz comes the comparsa of Tino Tovar finalist in the COAC 20018 ‘Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac’ and the anthology of Tino Tovar.

It will be Saturday, February 2 at 9:00 p.m. In the CERE room in Miguelturra, half an hour before the start of the show, the doors of the Palace of the Carnival will open.

Tickets can be purchased from tomorrow January 5 and the price of 10 euros in advance at the Panadería Bollería Fegopan, the Restaurant Los Arcos and the House of Culture in Miguelturra, in The Patio of my House in Ciudad Real and in Morales Dry Fruits in Daimiel, can also be purchased through WhatsApp in the number +34 610665737 or through any member of the Peña Los Cansaliebres. At the box office the price will be 13 euros.

Thank you very much to Onda Cero Ciudad Real and Autotrak Mercedes-Benz & Smart for the sponsorship of the event and to the collaborators Instalaciones Eléctricas Alberto Soria, Biluja Serigrafía, Restaurante los Arcos, Enova Informática y Comunicaciones, Panadería Bollería Fegopan, Gimnasio Kim Miguelturra, Instalaciones Miguelturra, Dasego Asesores, Katxis La Taberna El Beso, Viajes Rodrigo, New Burguer and Cordelerías Jesús León Carrascosa.



Awards in Comparsas

1997. 3rd Prize with ‘La Botica’
1998. 2nd Prize with ‘El cielo de Cádiz’
1999. 4th Prize with ‘Los Musiquitas’
2000. 1st Prize with ‘Los del año Catapum’
2003. 5th Prize with ‘Los Aprendices’
2004. 3rd Prize with ‘Las Estaciones’
2005. 1st Prize with ‘El Espíritu de Cádiz’
2007. 3rd Prize with ‘La República Gaditana’
2011. 1st Prize with ‘Juana la Loca’
2012. 3rd Prize with ‘Ciudadano Zero’
2014. 1st Prize with ‘La Canción de Cádiz’
2015. 2nd Prize with ‘Los Gadiritas’
2016. 2nd Prize with ‘El Creador’
2018. 3rd Prize with ‘Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac’

Tino Tovar, one of the most successful authors of the Cadiz carnival.

Constantino Tovar Verdejo, better known in the world of the Carnival of Cádiz as Tino Tovar, starts in the world of the comparsa in the children and youth categories, after several years of success in these categories, he debuted in 1996 in the adult category with the group ‘Los Callejeros’, with which manages to reach the semifinals.

In the following years he sneaks into the final obtaining different prizes, but it will be in the year 2000 when he gets to win the first prize with the comparsa ‘Los del año catapum’, he will repeat in 2005 with ‘El Espíritu de Cádiz’, in 2011 with ‘Juana la Loca’ and in 2014 with ‘La Canción de Cádiz’.

In his last participation in 2018, he gets third place with ‘Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac’.


Not only he gets great prizes in the modality of comparsas, in 2005 he makes double with the comparsa ‘El Espíritu de Cádiz’ and he composes the music to the chirigota ‘Los que salen por gusto’ which is awarded with the first prize in the modality of chirigotas, repeating in 2007 with the chirigota ‘Los Juan Palómez, yo te guiso y tu te lo comes’ and in 2011 a new double with ‘Juana la Loca’ in comparsas and in chirigotas with ‘Ricas y Maduras’.