Manolo and Mª Carmen proclaimed Masks Major 2020

New Major Masks for the Miguelturra Carnival and 50th Anniversary of Peña el Jamón

As of today, Manolo and Mª Carmen are also from the Peña Major Masks, a large family of illustrious carnivals and carnivals.

At 6:00 p.m., the concentration of the entourage began in the Plaza de España, to accompany and tour the streets of the town next to Mª Carmen and Manolo. A large group of street masks, members of the local clubs, Antonio and Mª Paz, major masks older than 2019 and other years, Serafín Delgado, King of the Carnival, Raúl Domínguez, President of the Miguelturra Carnival Peñas Association, Diego Rodríguez, Councilor of Celebrations, members of the Municipal Corporation and the Mayor of Miguelturra, Laura Arriega, composed the entourage to accompany the new Major Masks of the Carnival 2020.

The spontaneity that characterizes the Churriego carnival also had its place on this great day, an improvised monument to the street mask delighted the crowded crowd and served as a photoocol to immortalize the event.

The entourage, paraded to the meeting point of collection of Manolo and Mª Carmen, the Peña los Cansaliebres
were in charge of the organization. At the meeting point, family and friends accompanied Mª Carmen and Manolo, who were excited to receive the affection of the participants.

The next stopping point was the headquarters of the Peña los Cansaliebres, which prepared a great appetizer, which served as a snack for a long afternoon-night of emotions.

About 9:00 p.m., the entourage arrived at CERE and a Carnival Palace to overflow received Mª Carmen Céspedes Pastor and Manuel González Beldad, in their proclamation as Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.

After the intervention of the mayor of the town, Laura Arriaga, the new major masks took the stage for the imposition of bands that accredit them as Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival and the corresponding diplomas, as well as the traditional bouquet of flowers, case of wine and the ceramic mask commemorating the Carnival. The new couple of older masks, very excited, thanked Eli and Manoli for the tremendous support they have had during these days and gave them a nice memory, also Peña los Rocheros, a peña to which Mª Carmen belongs, delivered a plaque commemorating the act to the new pair of major masks. The family of Manolo and Mª Carmen also took the stage of the Carnival Palace to present them with a detail of their passage through their first act as representatives of the Miguelturra Carnival, the dinner of peñas held last Saturday.

This year our masks older than 1987 and 1989, Celedonio González and Teresa Díaz, Manuel Casas and Visitación Heredia, renewed their bands that accredit them as Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.

Antonio de Toro and Estrella Yébenes, masks older than 2003, were in charge of giving them the traditional hat and apron of the Peña de Mascaras Mayor that they will use on Monday in the fruit contest in a pan.

A night of emotions that ended with the tribute to Peña el Jamón for its 50th Anniversary, receiving the Alhiguí de Honor and diploma, issuing a projection with photographs of the walk of the rock by the Miguelturra Carnival.

Manolo, Mª Carmen, congratulations, you are already Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.