Major Masks Proclamation 2023

Leandro, Charo, José Luis and Encarni new Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival

On the afternoon of Saturday February 18 and in the Plaza de España, hundreds of people gathered in costumes to accompany the new Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival, all organized by the Peña Los Cansaliebres.

The delegation first went to the home of the first couple of Máscaras Mayores, José Luis Rivas and Encani Sánchez, to later pick up the second couple, Leandro Arévalo and Charo Sánchez.

As usual, Los Cansaliebres offered the participants a snack at their headquarters to regain strength and head to the Carnival Palace for the proclamation of the new couples of Major Masks.

In this year 2023, several curious circumstances occur, the first is the election of two couples of Major Masks, something that has not happened since 1987, the second is the number of couples chosen, already 50 the number of Major Masks of the Carnival of Miguelturra. There is also the circumstance that two sisters are Máscaras Mayores, Elisa Sánchez was in 2012 together with Santos Fernández and now Encarni will also be.

Arriving at an overflowing Carnival Palace, in the first place the renewal of the bands of the Major Masks of previous years, Pilar Rodrigo Lozano Major Mask of 1992 and those of 1995, Severiano González Roldán and Rita León Rodrigo.

Next, the Mayor of the town, Laura Arriaga, councilor for festivities, Diego Rodríguez, President of the Peñas Association, Raul Domínguez, King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado, President of the Peña Los Cansaliebres, Alberto Soria, Major Masks from 2022, Gloria Cruz and Antonio Gómez, to impose the bands, deliver the accrediting diplomas as Major Masks and ceramics of Carnival 2023 to the two new couples of Major Masks, José Luis Rivas Arévalo, Encarni Sánchez Peco, Leandro Arévalo López and Charo Sánchez Juárez.

Elisa Sánchez and Santos Fernández were in charge of delivering the corresponding bouquets of flowers.

The act ended with the delivery of different gifts by relatives and the projection of a video that reminded the 50 couples of Major Masks, as well as a tour of the carnival trajectory of Chato, the Rayo, Encarni and Charo, all the images that were projected belong to the digital background of this web page.