Major Masks Proclamation 2024

Rafa and Mª Luisa new Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 10, in the Plaza de España, hundreds of people gathered dressed in costume to accompany the new Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival, all organized by the Peña Los Cansaliebres.

The delegation first went to the home of the new Major Masks, Rafa and Mª Luisa, and later and as usual, the Peña de los Cansaliebres offered the participants a snack at their headquarters to regain strength and head to the Palace of the Carnival for the proclamation of the new pairs of Major Masks.

Mª Luisa and Rafa will be the 51st couple of Major Masks of the Miguelturra Carnival.

Arriving at a packed Carnival Palace, first of all the bands of the 1996 Major Masks, Francisco Molina and Loli Muñoz, 1999 Major Mask, Cipri Muñoz, were renewed; Major Masks of 2000, Gregorio Barahona and Lorenza Sánchez and finally Major Masks of 2001, Santiago Matas and Rita Martín.

Next, the Mayor of the town, Luis Ramón Mohíno, councilor for culture and celebrations, Carmen María Mohíno, President of the Association of Peñas, Raul Domínguez, King of the Carnival, Serafín Delgado, President of the Peña Los Cansaliebres, Alberto Soria, took the stage, Major Masks of 2023, José Luis, Encarni, Leandro and Charo, to impose the bands, deliver the diplomas accrediting as Major Masks and ceramics of Carnival 2024 to the new couple of Major Masks, Rafael Gómez and Mª Luisa Ocaña.

Julián Margotón and Mª Nieves Patón, representing the Major Masks Peña, delivered the corresponding bouquets of flowers.

The event ended with the great family photo of relatives and friends of the Major Masks 2024, Rafa and Mª Luisa.