I Tapas Route “Get to know me, flavors of Carnival”

8 local establishments will participate.

The Councilor for Celebrations of Miguelturra, Diego Rodríguez, has presented the 1st Tapas route “Get to know me, Flavors of Carnival” organized by the Miguelturra City Council, through the Popular Celebrations and Traditions Area, in collaboration with the Association of Peñas del Carnaval and the Calatrava Cultural Park, and with the sponsorship of Sacra Distribución.

As Rodríguez explains, “it is exciting to make this event known, through our greatest hallmark, Carnival, and relate it to the hotel industry through tapas, which will have different names honoring our great party.”

8 establishments will participate during the first two weekends of February, from Friday to Sunday, and the schedule will be noon and afternoon  or night depending on the establishment.

The objectives sought with this tapa, indicates the mayor, are: to promote our Festival of National Tourist Interest through the gastronomic variety of Miguelturra in a modality as deeply rooted as the “tapa”, to bring our gastronomic variety closer to the citizens, promote quality in the tapas offer, develop the creativity of our hoteliers and promote attitudes of excellent service among the business community.

The price of the public sale of the tapa with any drink (wine, water, soft drink, beer) will be 3.50 euros. In addition, the beer and wine will be distributed by Grupo Sacra, with a variety of brands. Eight vouchers of 50 euros will be raffled among customers to be consumed in one of the participating establishments. This giveaway is sponsored by Grupo Sacra.

The prizes established for the hoteliers are three: the first “Best Tapa” will obtain the carnival ceramics and 400 euros; the second “Best Tapa” will also receive the carnival ceramics and 300 euros. Finally, the one classified as third “Best Tapa” will obtain the ceramics of the carnival and 200 euros.

The prizes will be established by popular vote through coupons that the public will seal in each establishment by valuing their cover. A poster with its name will be displayed in each establishment, as well as a general contest poster in which all the participating establishments will appear.

The tapas on offer will be: Street Mask from the Café Bar ‘Los Serrano’, Carnival King from the Café Bar ‘Q Alivio’, Charanga from the restaurant ‘Las Tejas’, Chato and Rayo from the ‘Asador Jani’, What don’t I you know? from the ‘Pizzería Pis Pas’, Cuaresmero from the ’20 Cañas’ Bar, Emblematic Mask from the ‘El Mercado’ Bar and lastly, Peña los Segadores from the ‘Aquilce and Much More’ Tavern.

Therefore, Diego Rodríguez concludes, we encourage citizens to participate in these sessions so that they can enjoy our gastronomy and the friendly and professional treatment of our hoteliers.

“I thank the Association of Peñas del Carnaval, the Calatrava Cultural Park for supporting this initiative, thel  Grupo Sacra for their commitment to our people and of course, first of all, thanks to our hoteliers. I also thank the Communication and New Technologies team for the dissemination and  design of the posters”.